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Profinacci - profit from Fibonacci trading in forex and other markets

If you’ve been to the movies lately and saw “The Da Vinci Code” film with Tom Hanks, you may already be familiar with the concept of the Fibonacci numbers. Leonardo Fibonacci – an Italian math genius - discovered a “golden ratio” that balances everything - from sunflowers seeds to Forex… The special ratio he discovered in the 12th century is the proportion that maintain balance and order in the whole universe. It still works today after more than 750 years and you can easily use it for trading currencies very profitably.

The “golden ratio" of 1.618 or “divine proportion” is stunningly accurate; it has a fundamental function everywhere in nature! Here are some examples… There’s a 1.618 ratio between the diameter of each rotation of the opposing spirals of seeds. The number of female bees in a beehive divided by the male bees would be 1.618. Our bodies are also built according to this ratio (e.g., the distance from head to toe divide by the distance from belly button to feet).

This very same golden ratio applies to the financial world as well. Stephen Pierce has spent the last seven years completely immersed in studying Fibonacci analysis - analyzing stocks, commodities, futures, and forex, both on the daily and intraday charts. Not only that, he’s followed the live market intensively, through levels of multiple timeframes. The result of his effort – Profinacci™ - a step-by-step surefire systematic strategy for trading futures, forex, and stocks. It allows the user to profit from the best trading practices turbocharged by Fibonacci. Armed with this breakthrough technology, you’ll easily anticipate market reversals and profit from them handsomely.

What Stephen Pierce’s research confirmed was that the markets have the very same mathematical base as natural phenomena. In technical analysis, the “divine proportion” of Fibonacci has three basic percentages as its foundation:

1. 38.2%
2. 50%
3. 61.8%

By using the proprietary Profinacci™ software, you’ll be able to plug in the highs and lows, and effortlessly calculate the Fibonacci Retracements. No more guess work! It’s as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3... All you have to do is get your highs and lows (you can quickly pull those right off a free website). Plug in two numbers (Swing Low, Swing High) and hit “calculate” to instantly get your Fibonacci Retracement levels.

Included in the program are sixty-one “real time” videos about applying Profinacci™ to the forex market that will show you precisely how to position yourself with the best potential for success, including end of the day analysis! These videos are the result of years of fulltime market analysis, using the best trading systems, combined with the timeless rhythms of Fibonacci. You won’t believe how powerful it is until you see it for yourself!

Here’s how it works...

1. Identify a swing low point and a swing high point
2. Calculate the .382, .500 and .618 Fibonacci Retracements using the Profinacci™ Software
3. After making a swing high, price pulls back to the .500 Fibonacci level and puts in a Bullish Reversal
4. The Profinacci™ RSI gives us a BUY
5. The Slow Stochastics gives us a BUY “Confirmation”
6. BUY long on a break above the trigger bar high
7. Trade continues higher to the profit objective at .750 Fibonacci Expansion level

After watching the Profinacci™ videos you will know exactly where to enter the trade,where to put the stop if wrong and where to take profits. Watch over Stephen’s shoulder as he walks you through exciting trades as they are setting up!

Stephen won’t waste your time or fill your head with unnecessary information. You don’t need to know every tiny detail of Fibonacci arcs, fans, and spirals. But you’ll be ready to trade effectively, in less than 14 minutes! Here is how:

First, you’ll go through your user-friendly CD tutorial that jumpstarts your application of Fibonacci.

Then, you’ll watch 61examples of forex trades – both winners and losers. This is possibly one of the most detailed, concise and accurate displays of Fibonacci’s genius knowledge being applied to the Futures and Forex markets!

And here’s what you’ll get when you download your Profinacci™ package...

• Instant Download of our Tutorial CD containing the complete Profinacci™ Trading System.

• Instant Software download containing the FREE Profinacci™ (Fibonacci) Calculator Software.

• Instant Downloadable Tutorial CD containing 61 Forex Trading videos (recorded LIVE) showing Stephen Pierce applying Fibonacci analysis and giving Forex trade recommendations as provided to clients of his Desktop Market Analysis service.

• Instant Downloadable Tutorial CD containing 47 Futures Trading videos (recorded LIVE) showing Stephen Pierce applying Fibonacci analysis and giving trade recommendations as provided to clients of his Desktop Market Analysis service.

In summary here is what you’ll learn in your Profinacci™ download:

• The clearest way to identify entry and exit points with market direction over the short- or mid-term.

• How to read a chart to understand the market’s flow and rhythm.

• The most effective way to allocate equity and margin your account for more balanced and profitable trading.

• How to quickly and easily create Fibonacci Retracement and Expansion levels, to eliminate guesswork or confusion in selecting the market swing points to measure from.

• Basic indicators to use with Fibonacci to accelerate your trading effectiveness.

• How to know which Fibonacci Retracement and Expansion levels are most likely to be the market reversal point.

• How to select the right pivots to gauge the obvious Fibonacci levels, as well as the not so obvious levels.

• How to precisely enter and exit the market and clearly see entry points, protective stop levels, and profit targets.

• How to determine if the Retracement is finished at the 38% level, or whether it will go to the 50% or 68% level, with the exact confirmation indicators you need to trade confidently.

• How to find the top and bottom successfully - in just about any market.

• The best trend indicator to use with Fibonacci.

• The two biggest obstacles to trading successfully and how to finally conquer them both.

• What to do when a market goes beyond a 0.618 Retracement and how to know if it’s going to keep going or not.

• How to use confirming indicators to filter out market noise and know with a high probability that the market is about to stall or reverse.

• Which Retracement level is suitable for entry with clear indication of when to use the 38%, 50%, or 68% for market entries.

• Identifying Fibonacci BUY Zones and SELL Zones.

I know that you must be wondering how much is Stephen Pierce going to charge you for such valuable program. Based on what else is available on the market, you would easily have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for personalized coaching and advisory services and hundreds or even maybe thousands of dollars for the software and trading manuals. But imagine that if you enroll today, you’ll be able to get everything at the bargain price of $147.00!

It sounds incredible, but it’s true... Most importantly, Stephen gives 60 days to try it, put it to work and start trading like a pro without risking one red cent!

is a state-of-the-art program that you can download to your computer as soon as you make your purchase. You don't have to wait weeks for it to arrive. You’ll have top notch trading potential at your fingertips, anytime you want, day or night - remember, forex is open 24/7! I highly recommend that you try it risk-free today and start making those profitable forex trades you’ve always dreamed of.

Profinacci™ is available for instant download here.

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