Friday, June 23, 2006

Automated Forex Trading IS Here. Anyone Can Trade Forex Now!

By Chris Pearson

There's been a great NEW development in Forex trading! This development has opened the lucrative forex market up the beginner. And freed the seasoned trader from being chained to his/her PC for hours. I speak from experience as a professional Forex trader who USED to spend hours staring at my PC and studying charts.What IS this new development?

AUTOMATED TRADING. That' right. It's been a long time coming but now it's here: the ability to simply set up a trading system, click the OK button and let your PC do the 'work' for you. Remember, your PC never gets tired, bored or makes a mistake. It calculates every trade with cold hard logic and it can 'out-trade' the most dedicated trader.

There’s been a lot of research done on who succeeds at Forex trading and why. The results are the same for ANY type of trading – stocks, futures, whatever. And the big common factor that comes up time and time again is AUTOMATION. This is the ‘secret’ behind the success of many of the most successful traders.

Until recently automated systems were the preserve of ‘big time’ traders able to afford costly software and trade in multiple lots. It was a case of: the richer you already are, the easier it is to get even richer in Forex.

But recently that has changed. The first TRULY automated trading platforms are entering the market. There’s still very, very few of them, but they are out there. And not only is the software automated on some of them: the software is free to use, and even the live data is provided gratis.

What is more, some of the companies offering automated Forex software, offer ‘mini’ trading accounts as well! It must make sense for any newcomer to this market to keep risks to a minimum by ‘mini’ trading and benefit from automation. It’s now possible to do both – if you know where to look.

If you’re considering entering the Forex market as a complete beginner: or if you’re a seasoned ‘pro’ used to Forex trading ‘by hand’, you owe it to yourself to start AUTOMATED trading. You still need the right trading ‘system’ of course. But using your ‘system’ with the power of automation can transform your trading. It won’t take long to realise that that is the only ‘professional’ way to trade Forex. Automated Forex trading is the obvious way to go to free you of the usual stress of trading and actually increase profits as well. Yes, most traders still trade ‘by hand’; but the fact is, most SUCCESSFUL Forex traders are now trading ‘on autopilot’.

By Chris Pearson, B.A. (Hons) Cambridge.
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About the Author
Chris Pearson, B.A.(Hons) Cambridge took a 1st Class Degree in Maths, Logic and Philosophy at Cambridge University and is an experienced Forex trader. Long fascinated by the idea of using Math and automation to automate money-making via software he also writes software programs and ebooks on how to make money online.

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